Sunday, January 25, 2009

Still not dead!

Okay, I'm still not dead but I really fell out of the swing of things with blogging. I really need to get back into it!

So, for starters, my bioinformatics research has reached its conclusion. It was a great experience and I certainly learned a lot. Hmm, that's about all I really have to say on it right now - I'm still waiting for some closure on it and I can write more once that's done. I've since moved on to research that is more in line with my future interests. I will be working on simulating the neural network that controls rapid eye movements (saccades). Right now there's just a lot of reading to be done, getting familiar with building neural networks and then just playing around with the networking itself. A graduate student that has already moved through the lab I will be moving into has written a chunk of C++ to simulate a neuron using Simulink, a program that lets one simulate analog computing with block diagrams, that comes with Matlab.

In further news, I have begun work on a Secret Project(tm) with two other engineering students. I can't write much about it, other than that it is awesome and I am very excited to be working with these guys.

That's all for today - I just bought some drafting supplies and I'm eager to start sketching out some schematics for the Secret Project(tm), and I promise I'll start blogging more in the future.

Matt out.